Mail 3 Encyclopedia


Now Updated through the 2012-13 Mail 3 Season (and 2011 MLB season)


It contains the season and lifetime records for all players who have been on Mail 3 teams since the 1989 Season


There are two parts to the Encyclopedia:

The Hitters Book and the Pitchers Book


Click here to download the Hitters Book

Click here to download the Pitchers Book


Each book contains four tabs:

1) Hitters/Pitchers pages with each player for each year they played listed alphabetically;

2) Career leaders in key hitting/pitching categories;

3) Career lines for each player listed alphabetically;

4) Single Season lines for each player listed alphabetically.

Managers might be particularly interested in the last one to sort for their own players over time


For any additional questions you may have about using these files ask Ethan



To view these on Google Docs click on the following links:

These are large files so be patient while they load completely


Click here to view the HITTERS BOOK

Click here to view PITCHERS BOOK


IF you prefer to have an Excel (or PDF) version of these files on your computer, you can save them from Google Docs.

To do this, go to File, Download As and select the format you prefer.