The Dave Story
by Rich Grandzol

Sorry for the paletted pics. Word sucks.



One day, Dave was hard at work surfing the web.



"Now, that’s an interesting one," he thought to himself.



"What a minute….! That’s no ordinary website! It’s a website created by my arch-nemesis, the Evil Web Master of Pain!"



"There’s only one thing to do," Dave thought furiously.



"Make faces at my webcam! Show complete and utter contempt for his evil lack of web skills!"



"And maybe a quick does of my hypnotizing "Eye of the Cobra" stare…."



"Ah…there it goes. Another evil website banished from the web…for the good of the surfing portion of mankind…by yours truly, Bryn Mawr Webmaster!"

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Rap Sheet by dave mcowen
Last known address: Bryn Mawr College