When the Playhouses of 17th-Century Paris website was first launched, it was hoped that its current edition would only be the beginning of a more comprehensive project, resulting in an enhanced free or low-cost subscription-based website or a multimedia CDROM. However, time and resources have been limited, so it is doubtful that much more progress can be made without the contributions of other scholars and students. For this reason, the site's creator, Christa Williford, invites viewers to contribute ideas about making the current site a more informative and useful resource.

The following improvements are certainly desirable, and contributions to them are most welcome:

  • More listings for the "Links" page;
  • More citations for the Bibliography;
  • Corrections and additions to each model reflecting further careful study of available evidence.

The following enhancements are certainly possible, and may be desirable:

  • More images of each model, as well as lists of pertinent iconographic and documentary evidence (this, of course, raises questions about copyright);
  • Multimedia presentations that explain the main interpretative decisions taken during the process of constructing each model;
  • Fuller narrative explanations of the theatrical and geographical contexts of each of the 6 playhouses.

The following additions would require considerable time or outside expertise, but might also be worthy of consideration:

  • English translations of key portions of documentary evidence;
  • A French-language mirror site;
  • Animated "fly-throughs" of the models;
  • Interactive versions of the models (using VRML or QuickTime VR);
  • Comparisons of the 6 playhouses to one another and to other theatres.

Readers are invited to write to Christa Williford (cwillifo[at] to make suggestions or comments about these issues or to name other possible additions to the website that they would wish to see, keeping in mind the project's relatively modest limits of time, funds, and technological expertise.

In addition, if you find this site useful for study or teaching, a brief account of which aspects of the site you found most useful would be appreciated. This site must move to a more permanent home in 2006. Suggestions for suitable locations would also be appreciated.