On 17th-Century French Theatre French-language site on fairground theatre in Paris French-language controlled-access resource for students and researchers working on 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century theatre, maintained by Guy Spielmann of Georgetown University


On Virtual Reconstructions of Theatres Homepage of the European Commission's Theatron Project to reconstruct and document selected historical theatre spaces Homepage of Theatron, Ltd., which specializes in theatre reconstructions Contains Appalachian State University professor Frank Mohler's virtual simulations of Baroque stage machinery Jack Wolcott's pioneering web-based reconstruction of the Chestnut Street Theater, Philadelphia


Indices of General Theatre History-Related Sites Frank Mohler's bookmarks WWW Virtual Library of Theatre and Drama, which was long maintained by Barry Russell of Oxford Brookes University, also containing a link to his Calendrier des spectacles sous l'Ancien Régime 1601 - 1774 Jerry Bangham's theatre history bookmarks Jack Wolcott's theatre history links.


Other Home Page of the Comédie Française in Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France