The Playhouses of 17th-Century Paris project is coordinated by:

Christa Williford (, who is responsible for the construction of the project's computer models, its written portions, and its multimedia design. Some, but not all, of the content is based upon her original research. A graduate of the PhD program in Theatre and Drama at Indiana University, Williford has completed a study of Richelieu's Palais Cardinal theatre which is the subject of her Autumn 2000 article for Theatre Research International. She is AHRB Research Fellow in Theatre and Computer Modelling at the School of Theatre Studies, The University of Warwick.

In addition, significant portions of the project are based upon the work of the following scholars:

Jan Clarke, a specialist in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French theatre, and an expert on the Guénégaud theatre. Her study, The Guénégaud Theatre in Paris (1673-1680), serves as an important methodological model for the project. She is Senior Lecturer at the School of Modern European Languages at the University of Durham.

Roger Herzel, who is Professor of Theatre and Drama at Indiana University-Bloomington. He specializes in the study of Molière and has researched extensively the structure and use of the Palais Royal theatre between 1661 and 1673.

David Thomas, who is Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick. He first became interested in the application of computer modelling technology to the study of seventeenth-century French theatre when he worked with Cat Fergusson of the School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts, the University of Kent, Canterbury, on a computer model of the Théâtre du Marais. The results of their collaboration appeared in an article for Theatre Notebook in 1999. Ms. Fergusson is a founder member of KiDDS, the Kent Interactive Digital Design Studio.